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Today is Untitled - (that's 1/22/2020 in the secular calendar popularized by the Roman Empire.)


This ministry, (which is only an informational one) attempts to present to everyone all sources of information that may be relevant. I wish I could, but, unfortunately I cannot be held responsible for information contained on other websites. Inclusion within this website does not necessarily imply endorsement.

Please consider prayerfully anything you read, or view here, or on any other websites - it is up to you to decide if the information contained in any external websites contains information that does not align with scripture.

Thank you, Todah rabah, and blessings upon you and your house.

Ahavat Yeshua management

This is one anti-BDS business my wife and I like, and patronize

What a GREAT way to support and bless Israel! Please spread the word, this can be a great way to combat the BDS movement.

This is one ministry that we DO endorse

Jonathan Cahn's book, "The Harbinger" is, without question, the most important book after the Holy Scripture, for people living in these days. Order yours here:

picture of the book, The Harbinger, by Jonathan Cahn

Additionally, you can visit Rabbi Cahn's ministry website at

A Cry for Help

We don't take donations, but there are many that need your help.

If you're looking for a worthy cause, there are many out there that are in great need. Here are my favorite top four. God has put on my heart to ask all of you to help as much as possible. Note that none of these ministries has asked me to ask your help on their behalf, and I have received nothing for endorsing them.

Hannah Nesher, of Voice for IsraelThis one is Hannah Nesher's wonderful teaching ministry - she is a Messianic Jew in Israel that has a fantastic Hebrew language teaching ministry.

Hannah sent out this link to a wonderful collection of her teachings on YouTube. Make sure to let her know how much you appreciate her teaching!


Jeff Benner, of the Ancient Hebrew Research CenterThis one is Jeff Benner's Ancient Hebrew Research Center. He does an amazing job of analyzing the original text and meaning of scripture from Hebrew perspective.


This one is Rabbi Michael Schiffman's ministry to poverty-stricken Jews in Eastern Europe. Remember God's promise that He will bless those who bless Israel. Also, remember that Israel is more than just the land of Israel, but it is also the people of Israel, regardless of where in the world they are.


A great source of current daily news from a Messianic believer living in Israel.


A Publication for Us!

Here's something I only recently became aware of, but it's GREAT - the Messianic Times. Now we messianic believers have our own publication! Hallelujah!


The Messiah - Prophecy Fulfilled

The best movie I have EVER seen that explains Yeshua, from a Hebrew perspective, is "The Messiah - Prophecy Fulfilled" starring Nick Mancuso.

You can order a copy from Amazon here.

We're Not Located in Israel.

Lately, a lot of people have been contacting me wanting to visit us, or worship with us when they're in Israel.

I wish we were, however we're not located in Israel. We don't have a synagogue, or any type of building of any kind. is a resource - so, I did the research to find where Messianic congregations in Israel are listed, and I found this link: (Opens a new window - if you're using popup blocker software, press the SHIFT key or the CTRL key when you click the link.)

A friend in Yeshua sent me this link to Ahavat Yeshua in Israel:

Also, check out Asher Intrater's messianic kehila at

Hope that helps... and to all of you visiting Israel... be blessed!

We've Moved!

We are now in the Southwest Florida area. To be more precise, we are in Brooksville, FL. Hopefully, Adonai will bless us in this new location. We are still looking for members, leadership, and other like-minded believers. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to help us start up a home fellowship, or if you would like to get involved in any way.

Baruch atah b'shem Yeshua!

Who Are We?

Ahavat Yeshua is an independent messianic fellowship organization based in Brooksville, FL.

What We're About, Why We Exist

If you're a messianic believer, or if you're only curious about the messianic experience, we're your resource for information and resources - Jewish, Christian, or even "non-believer" backgrounds - it doesn't matter - we're here as a service to you.

Do you have questions about Yeshua, or messianic beliefs? Having a hard time finding messianic resources?

Are you looking for:
  • Torah study resources?
  • Hebrew lessons and resources?
  • Messianic music?
  • Messianic radio online?
  • a place to meet other like-minded believers?
  • A place to worship?
  • somewhere to buy Judaica?
  • messianic literature?
  • information about the Hebrew roots of Christianity?
  • information about the impact of Christianity on Judaism?
  • answers about God?
Then you've found the right place. We can help with all of these needs!

Our goal is to make Ahavat Yeshua a hub of messianic activity in and around the SW Florida area - particularly the Brooksville, FL area.

YOU are the focus of our site - in other words, we want to be an all-encompassing support system for anyone interested in, or in any way connected with Messianic Judaism.

Who Are Messianics Believers?

Messianic believers come from a variety of backgrounds - some are Christians who seek to gain a better understanding of the Hebraic roots of their beliefs, in order to get closer to the original meaning and intent of the Bible. Some are Jewish people who have come to the revelation of the truth of salvation in Yeshua. Many others come from religious backgrounds such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism - or some come from no religious background at all.

There are four things that we messianic believers all have in common, though:
  • Faith in the salvation of Yeshua
  • Love for Yeshua, our God
  • Love for one another
  • Love and compassion for the lost
Whatever your background is, we welcome you, and encourage you to take your time, look around, and be blessed by our site.

If you have any suggestions for content for this site, please please let me know. You can contact me directly from our contact page.

May the Lord bless you, and bring you into the wonderful light of His truth. Shalom!

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