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Fill the Lord's ears with songs of praise!

Soon we hope to have more things here like music podCasts, video, music to buy, music to play, lyrics, downloadable music, chord charts, etc.

Don's Favorites

I have compiled this list myself, I really like all these artists here, and personally recommend all of them, based on what I have heard. You can hear all of them on KDSH FM Online, or Messianic Radio - or Inspired Faith Radio. Don't forget to donate to them if you can, too. These are pretty great ministries that fills a niche that is otherwise underserved.

Listen, and be blessed!

Radio Online

NEW! WTRC Online - Another Messianic Musical Blessing Of Which I've Recently Been Told:
WTRC Online

KDSH-FM - 105.1 FM - Messianic Radio from Borger, Texas!
Fantastic music and more!

WSTW.FM - Messianic Praise and Worship Music, live and online. What a blessing!

Inspired Faith Broadcasting Network - Messianic Radio and Messianic TV 24/7 from Israel!


PLEASE NOTE: I have been contacted in the past by artists whom are in the process of making Aliyah, that felt inclusion in this list may harm their chances of Aliyah. If this is the case for you, and if you feel that your inclusion in this list will jeopardize your Aliyah, please let me know - I will be glad to remove you from this list upon request - without a bit of judgement, too. Hopefully, soon, being a Messianic Jew will not be an impediment to going home.

Please also note that inclusion in this list means nothing more than this: I like the music these artists make. It does NOT necessarily mean someone is Messianic, or Christian, or Non-Jewish - Just that I like their music. I like Barbara Streisand, too - especially when she sings "Hatikvah." - that doesn't mean that she's messianic, (at least at the time of this writing) just because I like her music.

Kathleen Susnjar: Kathleen has done a magnificent job of creating fresh Messianic music!
Refreshing, and worshipful... Reminds me a little of Karen Davis. A must-have album for Messianic believers seeking something fresh and new!

Jaymie Bellet: Beautiful music!

Also check out "No One Ever Spoke Like This Man" From Jaymie Ballet - VERY nice!
Listen, relax, enjoy!

Jose Tardio Sanchez: Jose has a fresh, new sound while praising our Lord!
A delightfully talented artist with a passion for God!

Elizabeth Anne: Elizabeth has a heart for magnifying the Holy One of Israel!

Rivka Whitten: Great Hebrew worship from the wife of Worthy Ministries' George Whitten!

Rod Woodruff: One of my favorite messianic artists. First class, anointed ministry!

Gregory Silverman: Great vocalist - he reminds me of the vocalists of some of the really great progressive European music I like!

Faith Yesner: Some of the most beautiful singing I've ever heard. The link I have does not work anymore - I'd appreciate if anyone knows where to buy her music, if they'd contact me with that information so I can include it here. Todah Rabah!

Philip Stanley Klein: Really cool, this guy loves Yeshua, and he's a great musician!

Sue Samuel: An outstanding talent! Check out "It Is You."

Karen Davis: Who doesn't know her? Check out her and her husband's ministry, too!

Kathy Shooster: Another world-class Messianic artist!
Check out in particular, the song "Make Me Yours" by Kathy Shooster, on the "Garments of Praise" CD available at!

Rachel and Avner Boskey: Great music!

Carol Cantrell: Another great talent!

Paul Wilbur: (Check out the song "O Yah")

Lamb: (Very cool group. Check out the song "Ha-Tish-Kach")

Jimmie Black - One of the most talented guys I have heard in a long time.

HaShir - I really like "Search Me Lord."

Marty McCall - His rendition of the "Shema" is wonderfully soothing, great for erev Shabbat!

Michael Golden - "Holy is the Lord" - Nice work!

Reuven Hayun - "There is God in Heaven" - More great guitar!!

Hannah Osborne - I LOVE "Sing" - it has that big, joyful, well-produced, "Hillsong" praise & worship sound!

Rachel Washington - Listen to "Wherever You Go."

Jonathan Settel - "Isaiah 53" among others. His rendition of the "Sh'ma" on "The Road to Jerusalem" is legendary in Messianic circles.

Barry and Batya Segal - Great job on "On Your Walls O Jerusalem."

Ted Pearce - "Sons of Abraham" and "Gili Meod" - great songs. A couple of REAL power ballads!

Joel Chernoff – "Come Dance With Me" What a GREAT "Yeshua" song!

Sara Levy – "Y’did Nefesh" - Beautiful, relaxing, and worshipful!

Special Featured Artist Zemer Levav, Song of the Heart: World class talent, as good as any I've ever heard. Check them out! Zemer Levav - Talent for Yeshua's Glory!

A special thanks to Jesse from Ahavat Yahshuah in Ithaca NY who brought this family and their ministry to my attention.
While looking at their website, I noticed they have quite a ministry going: In Israel, currently, not an easy place to be Messianic.
Check out our website!

For booking please contact:

Shimrit Hanes

If you'd like to help support their ministry, you can send tax deductible donations to them at:

A.C.T. Intl./Zemer Levav
P.O. Box 1649
Brentwood, TN 37024-1649

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