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A great quote from Corrie Ten Boom's father, on non-believers in the congregation: "Just because the mouse likes to hide in the cookie jar, doesn’t make him a cookie." Well said, Papa Ten Boom! :)

Seeking More Info...

BIG QUESTION... I heard this AWESOME song on KDSH FM online, and I think it's called "Your Footsteps Become my Pathway" - I THINK it's by Karen Davis... Anyone know anything about it? I HAVE TO HAVE this song!
UPDATE: I got my answer - it's "Your Footsteps, my Pathway" by Kathy Shooster. Cool song - Thanks to all that helped me track this down!

There are some musical artists out there we've heard, but do not yet know of a website for them. If you DO, please let us know. We'd love to help them promote themselves.

Here are some of these artists, with whatever we DO know about them, with some of our personal comments:

Daniel Keren - "Under Your Wing" and "My God" - two GREAT songs! I'd really like to know more. If memory serves, I believe that "My God" is sung by a woman, and that this song has some really, really great guitar work.

Messianic Musician - Miri in Jerusalem - The song I heard was GREAT. I hope someone will write soon about this artist.

Annette Moreno - cool, upbeat - "Uv sha'Avtem Maim" OK, I'm biased, being a guitarist, but... VERY cool harmonic minor guitar parts!

Phil Plotnek - Good music!!

Elana Watson - I heard her song "Erev shel Shoshanim" and really liked it.

Christi Espinosa - I heard "In the Starlight" by her. Wow. Beautiful!

Gregory Silverman - I heard "Living Water." Beautiful.

Thanks a million to these artists for what they do. You can hear most of these artists on KDSH FM Online, or Messianic Radio - or Inspired Faith Radio. Enjoy!


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