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Document and Media resources for messianic believers in Yeshua

More articles, pictures, charts, Bible study podCasts, video are coming. Check back soon!

Many Christian brethren are coming into the revelation of Yeshua!
Teaching a Pentecostal Group about the wonder of Yeshua!

Singing praises unto our Maschiah - NOTE: Almost anyone is a better singer and guitar player than am I.
Singing praises unto Adonai

If you're really hungry for an in-depth study into the name and nature of God, check this out:
A Study into the Name of God - YHWH

If you'd like more, here's another, that focuses on Yeshua:
A Study into the Name of God - Yeshua

Here's a short article on Torah, which means "teaching" or "instruction", NOT "law."
About Torah

This short commentary is derived from an email reply I recently sent to someone who did not have a very good understanding of the name and nature of God.
The Importance of God's Name

A very short bit of information on Rosh HaShanah, or more correctly "Yom Teruah"
Rosh HaShanah

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